Low County Septic System solutions


Accurate Installs

We verify with DHEC and the city/county for the ideal location of your new system based on the soils report!

weigh needs vs. costs

Do you have a large family? Do you have a rental home with varying amount of people? or do you expect to need a larger system in the future?
We will have a system to fit every need you may have, just ask!

Minimal paperwork

The engineering and management team wants to make this as easy as possible, we do the hard work so you don't have to!

many maintenance plans

We offer services that extend past the manufacturer warranty. We also will be happy to do any repair work in or out of warranty. Many different levels of maintenance plans available to ensure you will have a system with minimal to no downtime.

our vision

Low Country Septic System Solutions (LCSSS), while being a mouthful to say, is a Coastal Palmetto State resident born and raised. Started in 2016, the team had a vision. There was a growing need for septic installers that weren’t going to run away after the job is finished, or take you for everything you’re worth. The team at LCSSS promised to ensure quality work was performed and the system would be maintained for as long as the home/business owner wants to keep them around. While there are other installers around, LCSSS takes pride in their work and will fight to make it right. No corners are cut and constant surveillance during the install. The team works on a rigorous checklist and very particular (sometimes to a fault) ideals for how the system will be set up, installed and maintained so…

When you gotta’ go, we are the ones to know!

how it works

When you are either too far from the public sewer facilities or they are asking for too much money to connect your property you might have been lead to a septic system. Septic systems are an excellent solution to waste management, and a great ecological choice! The system runs similarly to it’s giant cousin, the treatment plant. Waste is fed in to the system and, through a series of filtration, separated for decomposition. The liquid waste is run through a medium, typically sand or grainy material, and the particles caught in are left to be devoured by our organic friends, the microbes. These microbes will tear apart all the waste and leave us with water and nutrients that can be fed back to our water sources, so please keep the microbes healthy and happy and they will make your waste disappear!